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Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

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Grow Muscle From the Comfort of Your Desk!

Want to get in shape and grow muscle but don't have to time to go to the gym everyday? No worries, the Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser allows you to train anywhere you'd like. The Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is easy to use and effective, you will see results within days of using it.
Durable: This hand grip strengthener is crafted from stainless steel and plastic with a strong spring. Its non-slippery surface allows for an efficient hand workout.
Adjustable Resistance: You can adjust the resistance of our hand strengtheners from 10 kg to 60 kg. Change the resistance level by pressing the black button on the top.
Design: Our Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser comes with a long handle to give you optimum comfort whether you are using it to build muscle or strengthen your wrist.
Compact and Lightweight: The  Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser is extremely portable; You can bring it wherever you go. This makes is super easy to stay committed to your fitness goals.
What are you waiting for? The Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser eliminates the hassle of going to the gym. If purchased, you will no longer have to sacrifice your time to see strength gains.
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